January 10th, 2006

Википедия: кругом одни евреи

Не первый раз вижу такое:

"For most of the 1400's the peninsula was ruled on behalf of Gazaria by the Ghisolfi or Guizolfi family, founded by the Genoese Jew Simeone de Guizolfi. The rulership of the region by Jewish consuls, commissioners or princes has sparked much debate over the extent to which Khazar Judaism survived in southern Russia during this period."

"Papiamento grew out of the pidgin Portuguese and Judeo-Portuguese spoken among Sephardic Jews and their slaves who had fled from Dutch Brazil after its conquest by Portugal."

The Yeniche language, or Jenisch, (ISO 629-2 code: YEC) is spoken by the Yeniche, and is distinctly different from the Romany variants spoken by other populations of Roma. It is a mixture of Romany, Yiddish, Rotwelsch, and various German dialects.

Quadratic equation..... Abraham bar Hiyya Ha-Nasi (also known by the Latin name Savasorda) was the first to introduce the complete solution to Europe in his book Liber embadorum.

Neoconservatism, Judaism, and "Dual Loyalty"

Итак, если верить Википедии, то евреи (1) предложили формулу для решения квадратного уравнения (2) были генуэзскими консулами в черноморских колониях (3) создали языки для черных рабов на Карибах и для цыган (4) заправляют неоконсервативным движением. Это случайная выборка, только то, на что я случаино наткнyлся за последние несколько недель.

Откуда это берется?

Christian Zionist support - a mixed blessing

Tourism Minister Avraham Hirchson has shunned US evangelical leader Pat Robertson shortly before the two were to sign a major funding deal for the Galilee Christian Heritage Center after Robertson suggested that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was a punishment from God for the Gaza Strip withdrawal, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

"The minister has very strong views on this and cannot accept what was said," Tourism Ministry spokesman Ido Hartuv said. "We reconsidered the deal and realized that we cannot sign with Robertson or anyone who supports his views."

By its very theological absolutism, Christian Zionism amounts to a very unreliable partner. As long as Israeli Jews play their ordained role in the eschatological plan, resettling the entire Land as a precondition for the Second Coming - when, by the way, they presumably will either become Christians or die as heathens - the Pat Robertsons will remain steadfast.