April 27th, 2006

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URI DAN: "Defense Minister Amir Peretz? Peretz's very willingness to take on this job proves that he understands nothing about it. Israel's blood-drenched wars with the Arabs have been the result of mistaken assessments. In 1967, the Israeli leadership together with the media focused on a "social-welfare agenda" - because Israel was in the throes of an economic recession at the time. All attention was devoted to this problem. And then Egypt surprised Israel when it concentrated all its forces in Sinai - leading to the Six Day War."

Я думал в таком стиле может писать только русская пресса. Ясно, что если политик добился того, что он возглавляет старейшую и вторую по влиянию на сегодня партию, то он никогда не заявит об отказе от административной должности из-за собственной некомпетентности, как на то наивно надеется журналист Ури Дан.

Rebbe's death splits Satmar community


Like in New York, Satmar's headquarters, the Israeli branch of the virulently anti-Zionist Hassidic sect is marred by a bitter dispute - still unresolved - between Teitelbaum's two sons Aharon and Zalman Leib.

In Israel, the two camps, roughly equal in size at between 750 and 1,000 families each, are split between Jerusalem, which is pro-Zalman Leib, and Bnei Brak which is pro-Aharon. The two camps even have their own educational institutions, synagogues, neighborhoods and rabbis. Institutions that bear the name Yitav Lev identify with Zalman, while Satmar Center is pro-Aharon.

"Aharon is not fit to be the next Satmar rebbe because he broke the Satmar rule against speaking Hebrew in the home," said Der Yid's Weiss, who spoke to The Jerusalem Post in fluent Hebrew. "After the death of our rebbe we will continue to wave the anti-Zionist flag. That is one of our main goals."