May 12th, 2007

Остров Чеджу (куда я собираюсь через месяц)

"Because of the relative isolation of the island, the people of Jeju have developed a culture that is distinct from that of mainland Korea. Jeju is home to thousands of local legends. Perhaps the most distinct cultural artifact is the ubiquitous dol hareubang ("stone grandfather") carved from a block of lava.

Another distinct aspect of Jeju is the matriarchal family structures, found especially in Udo and Mara, but also present in the rest of the province. The best-known example of this is found among the haenyeo ("sea women"), who are often the heads of families. They earn their living from free diving, often all year round in quite cold water, without scuba gear in order to harvest abalones, conchs, and a myriad of other marine products."

Jeongbang Waterfall is a famous waterfall on Jeju Island. The waterfall is 23 meters high and is very close to the ocean. According to some sources, Jeongbang Waterfall is the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly in the ocean, though this is not true. Located near Seogwipo, it is a popular tourist attraction. It is considered Yeongjusipgeong, one of the ten greatest scenic wonders of Jeju. A legend states that Emperor Jin of China sent a servant, Seo Bul, to fetch the magical herbs of eternal youth from Mount Halla. Though he failed to find the herb, he encountered Jeongbang Falls on the way and he left his autograph, Seobul Gwaji, on the cliff wall, where it no longer remains.

Hallasan (한라산) is a shield volcano on Jeju Island of South Korea. Hallasan is the highest mountain of South Korea. The area around the mountain is a designated national park, the Hallasan National Park

Jeju massacre

The South Korean right-wing provisional government, under U.S. guidance, conducted nationwide campaigns to root out communists and their sympathizers, which also included some moderates. This caused severe instability around the nation, and in Jeju where communist influence was stronger, many resorted to armed resistance against government action.