October 25th, 2010

Некоторые наблюдения касательно Японии, 1669 г.

Читаем наш любимый журнал Phil. Trans. Royal. Soc. Vol. 4, pp. 983-986 (1669)

Some Observations Concerning Japan, Made by an Ingenious Person, That Hath Many Years Resided in That Country; as they Were Communicated in French by M. I; Whence they are Thus English'd by the Publisher; Who Some Months Agoe Accasion'd This Accompt by Some Queries, Sent to That TravellerCollapse )

18. They use the divertissements of Comedies, which are more brave then those of Europe. The Spectators are about 200, paces distant from the Theater, which being covered with a vault, makes the voice of the Actors to be understood to the very end of the Theater. They love Hunting, and Gaming, as Dice, Cards, Chess, etc. At all times of the day, and in all their visits they take Thea and Tobacco.

19. There Language is altogether different from the Chinese; but their Preists, and Courtisans, that is, the Learn’d among them, which bear the Offices of the Court, understand the tongue of Chochin-China, and by this means that of Tunquin, China, Corea, etc. They write neither from the right to the left, nor from the left to the right, but downward.

20. Their Government is Despotique; the Religion Pagan; the Cheiftan hated upon no other accompt, but that some of those that there professed it, would perswade the Japonese to acknowledge a Superiority above the dignity Royall, disposing of Crowns and Scepters. Their Morals are very good, their faults being punish’t as their Crimes, even Lying and Detraction. Their left hand is the more honourable, and they take horse on that side.

Переписал ребенок Марк-Мордехай с сохранением орфографии оригинала (я бы наделал ошибок).