September 13th, 2011

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В h-judaica промелькнул интересный вопрос про заповеди, которые в наше время больше не выполняют (как голубые нити цицис). Кто-то (Admiel Kosmanиз Потсдама) написал про благословение при встрече красивой женщины, котороев наше время не произносят, поскольку не извесны критерии, кого считать красивой:

"I am sure that other people would raise more ideas in this concern, however, what can be mentioned right now is a specific Beracha that is not in use anymore because the exact criterion when to say it was forgotten (according to the Poskim, not historically of course). I wrote about it in my book Masechet Nashim p. 112. It is the blessing on meeting a beautiful woman or man (she-Kakha lo beOlamo, see BT berachoth 52b). According to Mishanh Berurah Orach Hayyim 225, in Shaar haTziyyun no. 33 it is not in use today anymore as we forgot the criterion how to decide who is beautiful - and seeing a beautiful person that really deserves it is always in a doubt today."