July 9th, 2012

А еще лучше - татуировку!

Какой только спам ни приходит.

"Elsevier Authors"

Show Your Community Your Latest Research

Dear Professor M. N-sky,

Congratulations! Your research was recently published in the journal Current Opinion In Colloid And Interface Science.
[три года назад там был обзор]

We recognise the importance of making your research have an impact and we are offering you a unique and fun way to increase your article's usage and impact.

As an Elsevier author we have selected you to receive one of a limited number of personalised QR T-shirts if you are going to be attending the upcoming ACS Fall, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
[совершенно туда не собираюсь].

Your free personalised T-shirt features a customised QR code linked to your latest article on SciVerse ScienceDirect. Let your colleagues scan the barcode on the back of the shirt, with their smart phones, to see your latest research!

Коллеги-придурки со смартфонами айподами, скейтбоардами и жвачкой? Ну-ну. :)