March 29th, 2014

200 самых известных израильтян,7340,L-3083171,00.html
Список 200 самых выдающихся / известных израильтян по результатам голосования в интернете. Мне было любопытно, сколько имен из них я знаю, без помощи Гугла. Вот результат (ограничлся первой сотней). Те, кого я знаю:
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Кого не знаю:
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Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Healthy Staff Members To Make Space for New Employees

Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Healthy Staff Members To Make Space for New Employees

COPENHAGEN (The Global Edition) – The Copenhagen Zoo has killed several of its staff members early this morning in order to create four new job openings, the Zoo public relations sector reported.

Officials of the Zoo say that the four members of the staff were humanly executed after being put to sleep with a lethal injection, and then skinned and chopped up while visitors crowded around and the meat was fed to the lion population.

“Based on the recommendation of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), we have decided to make space for new work positions, because the Zoo needs new workers, and we found that killing old staff members was the cheapest and the most efficient way to do it,” said Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek Bro “Four of the oldest staff members, among them one female, were put to sleep with a lethal injection and then fed to the giraffes. However, the giraffes didn’t show interest in their meat, so they were fed to the lions,” explained the Zoo spokesman.

“Being that the oldest staff members could no longer keep track with the new Zoo technologies, and could not manage themselves in the fast and ever-changing job environment, we feel that the criticism coming from some of their family members is completely unfounded,” the Zoo spokesman was quoted as saying.

“Zoos do not own the staff, but they are in charge of their employment, and in that regard have the full right to do with them whatever is considered necessary when they are on the Zoo territory”, said Tobias Stenbeak Bro.

The Zoo spokesman concluded that “considering that the Zoo animals were fed with the meat of the former employees, the food chain was virtually completed, which is totally in respect of the law of nature”.

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Сходили на еще одно идишско-клезмерское мероприятие в нашем университете - концерт "Hankus Netsky & Hebrew National Salvage". Хорошо он зажигал, практически что ваш Горан Брегович. :) И остальные у него хороши, особенно Мирьем-Хае Сигель всех очаровала.

Практически ни одной песни я не слушал раньше. Спели "I am a Litvak and She is a Galitz", но почему-то все наоборот, "I am a Litvak and he is a Galitz" (и у них получилось "I say 'vus', he says 'vos'"), ну и еще много интересного.

Из интересных фактов, которые упоминались, оказывается, Клара Берри (из сестер Берри) еще жива. Еще упоминался Херман Яблоков (автор песни о варшавскоим гетто "Купите, койфт-же папиросн"). Говорили (не сегодня, это я слышал в пятницу), что он в каких-то своих мемуарах писал про Милуоки.

Короче, понравилось, могут, если хотят.

ПС. Два клипа, навеяно концертом (хотя там было совсем другое)
Литвак и галициец (еврейский вариант "He says potato, I say potata"):

Хард-рок шейн ви ди ливоне