November 4th, 2019

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money and mission

Ругаюсь со своим Завом по поводу формулировки о миссии кафедры. :) все на ту же тему (деньгами ли измерять исследования). Начало дискуссии не важно.


Please approve the mission statement in the By-Law.
“The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department is:
1) To augment the UWM mission by providing a high quality up-to-date accredited undergraduate education in Mechanical Engineering and graduate education at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels.
2) To engage in funded research worthy of publication in appropriate refereed scholarly and professional journals and of fundamental importance to the areas of Mechanical Engineering.
3)To engage in professional and academic service activities of value to the university, the profession, and the community.”



This is a different version, which is sent to the APC as a part of the bylaws process.

My problem with that is the phrase “funded research” which I believe infringes the academic freedom of research as defined by AAUP (in case the department discourages unfunded research by a faculty member), I have already mentioned that in the APC discussion. See, for example “5. Academic freedom gives both students and faculty the right to study and do research on the topics they choose” (

I think a professor can chose which research to do, not funding agencies. The externally funded research is paid (and presumably performed) during the summer break if one does not like to rest during the summer and is looking for extra work.



Hi Michael,

I guess your comment can be addressed by the definition of “funded research”. All research in an academic institution are “funded” either by federal agencies, or by industry or by the university itself. For example, an UWM faculty paid by WI for four units in which two for teaching, one for research and one for service, therefore, even a research is not funded through federal or industrial funding, it is still funded by the state and university. The only non-funded research I can think of is the faculty research done at home (not using university facilities, which are paid by the state) and is not paid summer stipend.





I have a different opinion (we are not saying “engage in funded service activities” or “funded teaching”, also UWS and UWM mission statements use different wording). My point is that potentially it can be a ground for a AAUP complaint (if somebody believes during promotion that the department presses him/her to engage in funded research), therefore I will vote against it. I recognize that others may have a different opinion, no problem.


Простодушный Рошан:

I will agree with Michael on this point. There is a lot of fundamental research that occurs that may or may not be funded. If we are putting these words in, it means that we do not value research that is not funded.



I am fine with it, but deans will not. Let us find more diplomatic words for it.

Конечно-конечно, декан во всем виноват, а еще Трамп с Обамой. Они хотят записать в мишн стейтемент департмента - выполнять сервис за деньги. Как если бы это было не академическое подразделение, а отдел сервиса, снабжения там или университетская столовая или котельная. :) Другое дело, что это совсем не принципиально, просто лишний раз друг другу зубы показать.

Ну, я ему написал, что кто хочет заниматься funded research, пусть делает это в период летнего отпуска. А он мне ответил, что кто хочет заниматься unfunded research, пусть делает это дома в свободное время. :) :) :)