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Хороший спам из Африки стали слать (минуту назад пришло):

Dear University of X Faculty and Staff:

Teach and Tour Sojourners, TATS--(http://www.teachandtour.com), a professor exchange agency dedicated to the development and improvement of economic, academic and general welfare in East Africa (i.e., Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi) is hereby extending a humble invitation to you to participate in our ongoing program of lecture series taking place in our local universities, colleges, high schools, primary schools and other academic institutions. Additionally, TATS would like to avail to you a one in a lifetime opportunity to take a safari where you will see and photograph lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, zebras, hippos, rhinos, among an array of wildlife, in addition to a rare opportunity to visit the mountain gorillas and man's closest relative, the chimp, at a TATS educators' give away price. Winston Churchill took this trip and immortally dabbed Uganda "The Pearl of Africa", and Queen Elizabeth was on such a safari when she learned that she had become queen of England. The average visit lasts for about two weeks--with a couple of days or so dedicated to visiting the said incredible African wildlife reserves--although you may wish for your particular visit to be shorter or longer. TATS would like to partner with a specific professor, or any academician, in pursuing a possibility of coming to East Africa to deliver lectures in any given dispositive academic discipline. TATS will cooperate with you in arranging and customizing your travel details to Africa, including picking you up at the airport in TATS state of the art SUVs, booking fair accommodation, arranging your meals, setting and managing your speaking schedule, taking you on a safari trip and other tours, and ultimately delivering you to the airport for your flight home. TATS invariably offers the option of one being paired with another educator from North America or Europe during this trip, although traveling alone in East Africa is not complicated nor precarious at all.

Thus, if TATS secures your willingness to participate, TATS will, first, discuss with you the financial side of it, including revealing what assistance may be available for you in this regard so that you can achieve your $1,200 or so round trip air ticket. Second, where a Holiday Inn-style room costs about $180 a night in East Africa, TATS offers you even better accommodation in our partnering hotel, Giraffe Park Hotel, at $300 a week, breakfast and dinner inclusive. Lunch can be packed or arranged very reasonably.

Consider, too, should you have plans of traveling to or through Europe, why not shoot two birds with one stone by detouring through East Africa for the instant, noble purpose and halve the costs, not to mention the time to be saved or to be well used. Take note, too, that in addition to some of your students who may either just want to accompany you or do an internship here, you can invite your family and friends as well.

As such, your willingness to participate dwarfs all financial concerns, for TATS stands with you to make this trip not only economical but, most importantly, simple to handle all around. In fact, as an American educator, you are due to discover that your worth to the vast world's academic needs is patently inestimable and that sharing your expertise inures a hidden fulfillment.

In sum, this email cannot answer all the questions you might have regarding this trip, therefore, you are encourage to contact me so that we can further this conversation, including chatting on the phone, if you desire. Needless to say, I, or a TATS representative, will be available to talk with you about either an immediate trip or to muse about a distant future possibility for this lectureship, in addition to whether TATS, in conjunction with our local institutions, should promulgate a concrete, personalized proposal for your consideration.

Lastly, feel very welcome to visit our website (http://www.teachandtour.com) to learn more about us and to view photos and read up on testimonials of past participants. Also, on the website you will be able to either join us on Facebook or to follow us on twitter.

Therefore, we hope to hear from you soon.


~Anita Kabikire
Program Director

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